Microfinance Investment Advisor for the Arab World

Ahlan wi sahlan !

Welcome to Balthazar Capital, a local microfinance fund manager and advisory firm serving the Arab world. The company’s objective is to reduce poverty in the Arab world through bringing social capital to the region to support Arab microentrepreneurs. Balthazar Capital provides advisory services to microfinance institutions (MFIs) in order to increase the capacity of MFIs to absorb capital through responsible growth with a focus on the CFO function, transformation and corporate governance.

Balthazar, King of Ethiopia, was one of the wise men, or Magi, who followed the star to Bethlehem and brought the gift of frankincense.

Balthazar Capital, led by a wise woman, aims to bring smart social funds to poor microentrepreneurs in the Arab region.

Balthazar Capital is a limited company registered in the Cayman Islands under #228851.